Worlds Apart

Monkeys swing from only one of our jungles, And it is not your concrete one; You tell me how it always grows With every inch of tarmac lain, Whilst I describe the seeds I sow And how I watch them as they rise. Your building works are nearly done, The diggers leave today, But mine... Continue Reading →

Workshop- The ‘Blind’ Date

I recently ran a writing workshop via Instagram (@thewellsstreetjournal 15/10/20) which was designed to give writers a platform from which they should create a short story. My aim was to provide a basis regardless of whether a writer is less experienced or more practiced, and in following this 'walk-through' story outline, writers can produce a... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Resources#2

Continuing from the previous post on getting to know your characters, I have put together a selection of characters for writers to use whenever they feel stumped. A ready-meal of a character, essentially. You can dress them up or alter them however you wish, and fit them into your writing. Whether you need a minor... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Resources#1- Character

Characters can make or break a piece of writing. Readers need to know who they are, and what they stand for. But they won't know this until you do. Even when you might feel as if a character is being elusive, this can still be used to give the reader insight into that particular character.... Continue Reading →

Introducing…Writer’s Resources!

Despite this difficult and unnerving time, many writers with whom I have spoken have expressed their joy at the opportunity they currently have to write. I too have been surprised with the volume of work which I have produced in a relatively short time, however, there was a period of several weeks where I struggled... Continue Reading →

Cupcake Massacre

They put us in the shopfront on a Tuesday afternoon, It was raining, it was quiet, there was little else to do. Choux buns to my left, Fresh cream to my right, I was delighted to see No goodness in sight! And there in the centre, Sat me, the dentist offender, Proudly admiring my newly... Continue Reading →

In A Minute

I'd always tell her that phrase, Each time she wanted something, Pleading in her usual ways. "In a minute," I'd repeat, My mind on more pressing issues, "But please!" She'd bleat, And bleat on repeat, Until a minute became 'later' And 'later' became never.   But in a minute she'd grown up, Still, she was... Continue Reading →

The truth about hurt

He wept, She sobbed, Tears became a torrent of anger, Frustrations swirled through their veins like a river, A never-ending maze of emotion, An overgrown, winding path to navigate through. He looked up. She smirked, He smiled. Each knew the other was lying.

The First Goodbye

They found my body in the woods, just over four and a half hours after it happened. I’d been watching myself the entire time, my body gently swaying back and forth with the wind. A bird landed on my shoulder at one point, and I thought it was cruelly beautiful. It was a dog walker... Continue Reading →

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